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by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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Experimenting with Ori Toor, more to come.




Nicholas Lord, a Navy sailor since 2008 currently on active duty, is under investigation after threatening to rape a young woman who is a Navy recruit.
The young woman posted a photo of herself on Facebook, captioning it to say she’s proud of how she’s working hard to get in shape for the Navy, and she’s excited to be leaving soon. The photo was shared on the page for her Delayed Entry Program for her fellow Navy recruits.
Nicholas Lord, who is not a current recruit and who has been serving in the Navy since 2008, then commented:
You’ll end up pregnant real soon you fucking wh***. If I could and I knew you, I’d hold you down and rape you.
The next day, Lord gloated about his threat on his Facebook page, updating his status to say he’d been “trolling feminist pages.” In case it needs to be said, the Facebook page for a Navy program is not a “feminist page.” It’s a Navy recruiting page. (x) (x)
I don’t know what the Navy’s punishment system is like, but I hope he gets the worst possible. I hope they investigate his past history in the military, too. If he’s bold enough to outright threaten female recruits, under his own name, on public, Navy-run social media, I seriously doubt he hasn’t harassed and threatened female sailors. He may even have raped them.
Especially given the military’s problem with letting men get away with harassment and rape, they need to severely punish him.

Send it viral, and he will see ramifications.

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Got my husband searching for his chain of command right now, supposedly he’s about to get out of the service though. Fuck this guy. What a piece of garbage.


Female Athletes by Howard Schatz

I posted this yesterday, and when I woke up, it had been reblogged by two porn blogs. I was frustrated immediately. Not because “omg porn” but because of the context and content of these photos.

I found these when I was researching women athletes for a Samus zbrush sculpt I’m intending to start here soon. When I found this, I was excited for multiple reasons. One, I found the kind of build I was looking for. (Samus was originally 6’3, 190lbs, and this is what I’m aiming for) The second was because it was such a wonderful collection of all the different shapes and sizes people come in, and as an artist that loves drawing people, its perfect for looking for diversity! I was also excited by the showcase of what women can be. A personal frustration of mine, and fuck tons of other people, is that representation of women in media. So, as a dude working towards a career in games, it’s a great opportunity to say “Hey, check out all the things we can do with the female form, and female characters, instead of just making them white and busty, or white and not busty but athletic.”

But instead, it ended up on porn blogs first. I won’t argue there’s sex appeal here, and I guess that’s good for you if you find some in it. If this gets re-blogged on some other porn blogs, so be it, but at least I took the time to say I think that’s fucking ridiculous, and you should just fuck off a little bit this time, because this is to celebrate people, not masturbate over because there’s a bit of skin.






Sure, #weneeddiversebooks so that my future kids know they can be heroes…
…but we also need diverse books so that white readers know my kids can be heroes, too.

I have a theory about the direct line between the disappearance of black families from network TV (Cosbys, Winslows, Banks, etc) and the increased anti-black racism in our culture since it started happening.
I’ve never really been able to articulate it well enough, but this post does it succinctly.

I get kinda teary when I think about things like this. Goes hand in hand with a lot of concerns about my appearance and what I do with my life. 

I have a ton of nerdy friends of ALL colors. This hits home.

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Layered Glass Table Concept Creates a Cross-Section of the Ocean by Duffy London | via

With multiple layers of stacked glass and wooden slices, Duffy London has built ‘the abyss table’, replicating the dramatic depths of an indigo ocean. the design creates a geological cross-section of the sea, completing the table as a 3-dimensional model of a geological map.

‘I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the sea does as it deepens.’ designer christopher duffy describes ‘I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed. like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth’s crust to use as his personal ornament.‘ traditional to the design studio’s aesthetic, the furniture piece acts as both a conversation piece as much as it does a functional one.

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Brock Samson appreciation post.

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by Otto Schmidt


by Otto schmidt


Ghosts #roughcat
We Are All That We Are by Johny Diamond

Skeleton with a club by Giuseppe Longo aka @Mis_BUG